Oxygen Facial

TRUE Oxygen Facial (OxyGeneo)

Are you in search of younger-looking skin, but dislike the idea of an injection? At Trulongevity, we want you to feel comfortable while realizing your aesthetic goals. We offer OxyGeneo™, an effective facial treatment that involves exfoliating, naturally oxygenating, and deeply rejuvenating your skin for a healthier, youthful you.


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What Is an Oxygen Facial?


OxyGeneo™ is an advanced, injection-free answer to silkier skin while simultaneously combating dryness, pigmentation and more. Through exfoliation, infusion of nutrients, and oxygenation, OxyGeneo™ can be your answer to smoother skin. It is safe for use on sensitive skin along with all skin tones.Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if OxyGeneo™ may be the right treatment for you.


How Does an OxyGeneo Facial Work?


The OxyGeneo™ process begins with the Capsugen™ tool exfoliating the skin. Dead skin cells are removed from the upper layer of the skin to create a smoother surface. Simultaneously, the Capsugen™ cleanses the skin. Patients will get to choose between two formulas: NeoRevive™ to rejuvenate the skin from aging, or NeoBright™ to brighten the skin and improve the skin’s texture. The Capsugen™ delivers these nutrient-rich formulas in a gel that’s applied to the skin’s exterior along with releasing CO2 bubbles to begin the oxygenation step. As the bubbles gently impact with the skin, the body will send oxygen-rich blood to the treated area as a response. This form of oxygenation helps the skin’s metabolism of important nutrients and raises capillary flow. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about the OxyGeneo™ process.


What Are Some Benefits To an OxyGeneo Facial?


       • Can restore skin volume

       • Can refresh a youthful glow

       • Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles

       • Can reduce the appearance of pigmentation such as freckles or sun damage

       • Can help hydrate the skin

       • Provides instant results of silkier, younger-looking skin


It can be easy to feel discomfort when thinking about your skin. With OxyGeneo™, you can feel at ease that you’re getting a safe and effective rejuvenating treatment without the invasiveness of most procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if OxyGeneo™ is the exciting treatment for you.